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How To Make Money With Google Ads For YouTube - how shop online

Making money with Google Ads for YouTube is easy. 

There is no catch, no tricks. 

All you need to do is be a YouTube Creator and enable monetization in your videos. 

There are a lot of benefits to monetizing your videos. You can make money off of your videos and you can make money off of your subscribers. 

This article will show you how to make money with Google Ads for YouTube and how to make money off your YouTube Subscribers.

First, you should know YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google search and reaches 1.9 billion active users per month worldwide (source: Brandwatch). 

The average daily YouTube video usage time is 11 minutes. Approx. 

400 hours of video material are loaded into the portal every minute. Of the more than six billion hours of video, almost half are played on mobile. 

In fact, Cisco Visual Networking estimates that video will account for 82% of consumer Internet traffic worldwide by 2021. But the user is also convinced: 64% of 16-34-year-old German internet users are of the opinion that they are more likely to find content related to their interests on YouTube than on television (YouGov-Online-Omnibus-Survey DE, June 2016). 

Have you decided to consider YouTube for your business and Google Ads in the future? 

Then you have laid the first foundation for yourself and your online marketing. The plan has now been laid out, but so far it is just a blank sheet of paper. 

Now the plan should be filled.

google ads for youtube
How To Make Money With Google Ads For YouTube

Step 1: Creating a YouTube channel

First, you need a channel for your company on YouTube so that you have a platform for users who can later view or follow your developed concept. 

So how can I create a channel and what should I pay attention to? 

First of all, the channel is created relatively quickly. 

Your Google account is required for a YouTube channel. No Google mail address is required for this. When you have created the account, visit the YouTube homepage and under “Settings” you can create a new channel.

Step 2: Linking to Google Ads

In order for you to be able to use your YouTube campaigns in Google Ads, the two accounts must be linked. 

The easiest way to do this is through Google Ads, directly under "Tools" and then under "Linked Accounts". 

Here you select YouTube and connect the accounts by entering the email address, the URL, or the channel name. If you are not the owner of the channel, a request will be made

Step 3: define the goal

Next, you should ask yourself a very important question: 

Who do I want to address with my YouTube channel? 

Not every user is a potential customer. Therefore, it is important to think in advance about who my target group is and where I would like to pick up the user in their customer journey. 

YouTube is one of the channels with the greatest reach in the display network and is accordingly more at the beginning of the customer journey. 

A TV advertisement or an advertisement in the newspaper or magazine would be comparable in the offline area. The offline channel is not so easy to control because the broadcast is mostly random. You can choose the station and the airtime or the newspaper, but you cannot determine who sees the advertising, e.g. in the magazines. 

This is much easier to regulate for the most famous video portal. But more on that later.

Step 4: Choose format

In addition to the appropriate and appealing video material with pictures and sound, the correct video format must also be observed. Right, YouTube is no longer the same as YouTube. The video portal offers various options for broadcasting your videos, which can be incorporated in the channel funnel (illustration) of the customer journey. The following formats are currently available:

  • TrueView for Reach
  • 6 ‘‘ ads mobile
  • Masthead,
  • YouTube Preferred
  • TrueView in-stream
  • In-feed discovery
  • TrueView for Action
  • YouTube for Shopping
  • Location extensions

Step 5: choose to target

In addition to the creative area (what do I want to tell or show with my video?) And the right format, the right targeting is also important. 

Nowadays I can already choose which target group I have selected should actually see my video. it's better to go slowly and carefully before diving into the topic of “YouTube for Google Ads”. This could potentially be expensive. 

It's better to observe your changes for weeks before making another change.

How to make money with Google Ads for YouTube

Do You Need YouTube Monetization?  If you are looking for a way to start making money online with your videos, then perhaps you should first consider YouTube monetization.  

There are a lot of benefits to making money off of your videos and using YouTube's monetization features is a great place to start.  

This method is also good for creating affiliate offers as well.  Make Money With YouTube  You don't need to be an expert on YouTube to make money. 

All you need is basic knowledge of YouTube's monetization features.

How to monetize your videos

To make money from Google Ads for YouTube, you must have monetization enabled on your videos. 

You have to upload your videos to the YouTube Creators Page to have monetization enabled on your videos.  

By uploading your videos to the YouTube Creators Page, you must get 1000 subscribers first and 4000 watch time hours.

Enable monetization on your videos

First off, you need to enable monetization in your videos on YouTube. 

There is a place on your YouTube channel where you can click “Continue” to enable monetization.  

Go to YouTube  Click “Settings”  Click “General”  Click “Monetization”  Enable monetization on your videos and your followers will pay you for each click.  

How Much Can You Make?  

Making money from YouTube ads is easy and lucrative. The trick is, though, that it is easy and it is profitable but it is slow.  It’s because monetization is done by the views, and the more views you have, the more money you make from ads. 

YouTube also wants you to have a high-quality video as well. 

They have a fancy YouTube Creator Program which is useful but it isn’t going to boost your YouTube income as much as you think it will.

Create time-sensitive content

People are busy and have limited time they can spend on their favorite YouTube Channel.  You must understand your target audience and ensure that your content is relevant for your audience, therefore creating time-sensitive content. 

You can start this by creating videos to help other users complete daily tasks in your free time, instead of wasting time on YouTube.  You can create a series of videos so that viewers can simply start watching at one point and finish it the next day.  

Create a shareable video

One of the most effective ways to make money on YouTube is by creating shareable videos that can be shared by other people on their social media pages.

Use Google Ads for YouTube

You can't make money with YouTube unless you have a YouTube channel, and the main way to have a YouTube channel is to enable monetization in your videos.  

YouTube Creators enable monetization of their videos by either displaying ads in their videos or by allowing viewers to donate to their channels through the Google Donations widget.  

Make Money Off Your YouTube Followers 

You can make money off your followers by allowing them to send you monthly donations through the Google Donations widget, or by running an offer on a YouTube channel.  In addition, you can use Google's Special Offer ad unit and other inventory ads on your YouTube channel to make money.  By far the best way to make money off YouTube is to run an offer on your YouTube channel.

How to make money off your YouTube Subscribers

Turn your audience into customers by using Google ads to promote your products and services.  

Google Adwords can be used to promote any product or service, but you need to choose a good product and use good marketing to build your audience.  Over the course of the rest of this article, I will be explaining how to use Google Ads to turn your audience into fans and users of your products or services.  

Creating a Google Ad  This process is quite simple and straightforward. All you have to do is create an Ad Manager and create a new campaign.  

This will be different for every video. Choose the category you want to promote. For example, if your brand sells dog biscuits, you could have a baking category.

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