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On your way to getting to the top of the search engine rankings, it is important that you avoid duplicate content and its penalties.

Experts confirm that the search engines have now been updated in a very smart way, and they have been provided with content filters, as these filters filter duplicate content after it is identified on your website, through the pages that are indexed.

These filters remove this content or place it in a lower rank.

It is very necessary for all webmasters and content creators to understand how these filters work, and to know the correct way and the correct procedures to be taken to avoid filtering problems because many experts confirm that these filters affect all sites including the original sites and pages, and not only scammers.

Duplicate Content Checker
How To Avoid Duplicate Content Penalties - Duplicate Content Checker

When you submit your site for indexing in search engines, search spiders search and filter:

  1. Matched Content: Filters used by search engines can reach websites that use Matched content, no matter how smart the webmaster is.
  2. Plagiarized Content, or Disguised Content: These are pages where the repetition occurs with little change, but which are also easily exposed to search spiders.
  3. Product description: Many e-commerce sites publish product descriptions that they offer on their pages, identical to the product description on the manufacturer’s website, and this is also easy prey for various search spider filters.
  4. Posts or pages containing the same basic material.

Note: Although search engine filters are programmed to find the origin of articles published on different websites, some of these filters may not be able to reach or locate the first source of these popular articles.

How to identify duplicate or copied content from your website:

First: To make sure that your site does not contain duplicate content, you can use the "Similar Page Checker" tools, in case you discover that there is duplicate content you have to make the appropriate changes.

Second: To search and verify those who copied your content, you can search through appropriate tools spread on the Internet, such as www.copyscape.com

Note: You should always put your own unique touches to make your content stand out, to ensure that your website pages are not filtered by search engine filters.

Always remember: search engines work very hard to prevent duplicate content.

It is also important if you want to rank high in the search engines to use a fair method.

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