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In the new romantic comedy, "Extraordinary Attorney Woo," a young attorney with Asperger's syndrome gets his happy ending. Although he has a high IQ, a remarkable memory, and a creative thought process, he has trouble interacting with people in his everyday life. To help him overcome his social difficulties, his parents and the legal system work together to create a unique set of circumstances that allow him to become an extraordinary attorney.

Autistic lawyer

Autistic attorney WOO Young-woo is a brilliant lawyer and newcomer to a prestigious law firm. She is also autistic, which makes her an interesting character. The movie follows her as she prepares for her wedding. When the groom pulls her from behind, she tripping on her dress. The groom's grandfather notices her tattoo of a Boddhisatva on her back, which becomes an issue later in the movie.

Woo Young Woo displays many of the traits common in autistic people. Woo Young Woo displays immediate echolalia, which is the tendency to repeat other people's words. In addition, he is neat and tries to keep everything in order. He also possesses some savant abilities, which are quite uncommon in autistic people.

Autistic attorney Woo is a character portrayed by an all-star actress, Park Eun-bin. He is an autistic savant with exceptional intellectual and memory powers. He uses these skills to solve problems all his allistic colleagues cannot. The show has mixed reviews. The actors play the main character with sensitivity and quirkiness.

The show is currently in its third season, and it is a hit in Korea. It has surpassed other dramas on Netflix. During its peak, it became the most watched non-English show on Netflix. But there are critics who claim the show reinforces stereotypes about autistic people.

While this may seem like a cliche, Woo is a real person with low-level autism who is trying his best to defend Jeong Hun. Although he has limited speech and a limited vocabulary, he is able to express his thoughts and feelings. He also knows how to interact with others. It is important to remember that he is not a perfect lawyer, so he needs support from those who can relate to him.

The plot is quite complicated, and viewers will have to make their own decisions based on the show's premise. However, it is an engaging drama with an excellent cast and an intriguing premise.


If you're looking for a heartwarming rom-com that has a serious message, you may want to consider watching a rom-com with Extraordinary Attorney Woo. The premise is that Woo is an extraordinary attorney with a disability. This premise is very realistic, which gives the viewer a realistic look at life for a disabled person. The screenplay is very well written, and the storyline progresses in a smooth manner. It doesn't feel rushed and it keeps the viewer interested in the next episode.

Although the story has unrealistic moments, it does have realistic elements. Park Eun Bin's performance as Woo Young-woo is excellent, and the supporting cast is fantastic as well. The actors all have a great chemistry together. Despite the dramatic themes, the series maintains a light tone, and each character's development is layered with character development, humour, and progressive thinking. Some of the episodes focus on queer love, others tackle issues of corporate culture and subtly sexism.

Another episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo deals with a different type of case for the lawyer. In a case that mirrors the apprehensions of Young-woo and Jun-ho, Hanbada is trying to protect a company's copyright. As a result, the two men become rivals. The plot revolves around a copyright case between two ATM companies.

With its unique premise, Extraordinary Attorney Woo is bound to become a hit in South Korea. It won't be long before it is broadcasted across the world. Its impressive ratings have made it one of the most-anticipated K-Dramas since its debut, capturing the attention of both domestic and international audiences. As well as being a highly entertaining drama, it teaches viewers empathy and makes them more accepting of people with disabilities.

"Extraordinary Attorney Woo" is a Korean drama that premiered on ENA and is available through Netflix and Seezn. The drama was released on June 29 and has since received widespread praise from viewers. It has reached the top of Netflix's charts in South Korea and Thailand and is becoming increasingly popular worldwide.


While the cliches of Extraordinary Attorney Woo may turn some people off, the show's unique angle on neurological disability makes it an interesting addition to the crowded Korean drama field. While this series defies continuity in some ways, it does succeed in portraying all of its characters as human beings. A prime example is the fact that Young-woo's father (Jeon Bae-soo) didn't even notice that he was reading law books when he was growing up, but that didn't stop him. He then graduated from law school, but had no idea how to get past the revolving door.

The series also succeeds at developing supporting characters in a manner that avoids cliches. Unlike many of its counterparts, this drama builds supportive friendships among its male and female characters. As a result, Extraordinary Attorney Woo avoids turning female co-workers into rivals. The drama avoids this mistake by organically developing the relationship between Young-woo and his co-worker Su-yeon.

While "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" doesn't rank among the best K-dramas on television, it manages to elevate the material with its likable characters and a solid premise. The ending is disappointingly perfunctory, but the show does have a lot of positive aspects. It's an engaging drama that makes you think about the issues you'd like to see resolved.

The first episode of the drama has a few notable cliches, but overall it's a good show that has broad appeal. It's not bad to have more eyes on a project, but more people watching it can make it or break it. This is especially true in Korean dramas.

"Extraordinary Attorney Woo" is an excellent show that highlights the reality of discrimination, though it doesn't take on the underlying system that drives this inequality. This shows the film's slant on ableism, which is a problem in Korea, but it also highlights the value of individual contributions to society.

Although the show's main focus is Young-woo's relationship with Jun-ho, there's also a large cast of supporting characters who help us understand different aspects of him. One such character is Dong Geu-rami, an outspoken, funny student who goes to school with Young-woo and was almost ostracized by his classmates. Though these two characters have very little in common, they are nonetheless close friends.

savant-like traits

One of the most memorable aspects of the drama is Young-woo's relationship with Jun-ho. Although this couple is the main focus of the drama, the show does explore the other traits of Young-woo. In addition to Jun-ho, there is an odd-duck schoolmate named Dong Geu-rami. This guy is hilarious and outspoken, and he and Young-woo become best friends. But even though he is the odd duck, the two become close over his past.

The show is very popular, which is a surprise for the creators and producers of the show. But Park Eun-bin firmly believed in the characters and worked hard to get the roles right. He spent months researching the script and did more takes than most actors. He did this so he could create a more realistic portrayal of the character.

While a portrayal of an autistic savant is rare in Korean media, Extraordinary Attorney Woo carries all the ingredients of a successful TV series. The soundtrack is charming, the cast is a joy to watch, and the plot keeps you interested. The series' creators have given her a second season, which is an important milestone in a Korean drama.

Although the trope of the autistic genius in TV shows and films is problematic, it does help to highlight the positive aspects of autism. For one thing, Young-woo's father is protective and supports her decision to become an attorney. However, he doesn't coddle her as much as some of the characters with autism tend to be coddled by their overprotective parents.

Woo also has inventive case-solving techniques. He remembers a rule that he used in another case and then uses it to solve the case. His cases also offer unique perspectives on different situations and people. They also provide a social commentary about South Korean culture. So, if you're looking for an autistic lawyer, consider watching "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" on Netflix!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a Korean drama about a brilliant novice lawyer with autism. The show has been a surprise hit in South Korea and around the world. If it continues to grow in popularity, it may become the next big Korean drama on Netflix.

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